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Showing at McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario,  until 14th September, 2013.

The works in this exhibition are all concerned with the characteristic surrounding sounds of various public and institutional spaces, their soundscapes. Soundscapes can be experienced as comforting or irritating, liberating or restrictive, depending on the particular person and their relationship to the space. Audial information is often regarded as secondary or supplementary to visual information, but careful attention to the soundscape of a space can be very revealing about its properties. Sound has the ability to define spaces, but it also often infiltrates them from the outside, and refuses to be contained by them. In this sense it has an anarchic nature, which is particularly suited for revealing, analysing and disrupting the rules that normally govern these spaces. Public spaces, institutions and cultural practices are inherently political, as they reflect the values of dominant groups, and facilitate certain types of activities and preclude others. Through sonic means, these works aim to reveal the properties of these structures, to shed light on how they have been constructed. Who is in charge? What is permitted, and what is forbidden, and how is this communicated through the aural properties of the space? The soundscapes of a variety of spaces in London, Ontario are revealed, analyzed and/or disrupted by the works in this exhibition.

One of the works from the show, Structural Breakdown, is installed on the street in London, Ontario, and this work was the subject of a Metro News article:


Giles Whitaker MFA


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